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Collecting Should Be Fun

What is the Main Purpose of Collecting? Collecting is something that we are supposed to enjoy. It helps to pass time. Collecting can keep us out of trouble or away from bad vices (like gambling or drugs). Collecting for many people can help us bring back pleasant, childhood memories. But, mainly Collecting Should be for the most part entertaining. Collecting Should Be FUN.

Many times certain collectibles will skyrocket in value over the years. There are many factors that will determine weather items will increase in value or decrease (we will get into these factors at a future time. However, for now we just want to make sure that what ever we are collecting is at least some form of pleasure for us. 

There are some people that collect for the wrong reasons. The wrong reason in my opinion would be for "Investment Purposes". Collecting strictly for investment purposes is very difficult. I can be very difficult at times to attempt to 'guess' if items will increase in value. The problem is as I see it is if you are collecting Only for the purpose of investing and have no enjoyment in the items you are collecting you may find out later that all your time collecting was wasted.

Think about all the people who collected Ty Beanie Babies in the 1990s and Early 2000s. At that time many Beanie Babies cost literally thousands and sometimes tens of thousand of dollars each. Many people collected Beanie Babies because they enjoyed them. But, if you collected them for the purpose of investing and still have them today, you will have to face the hard fact that they are virtually worthless today.

I am remind of a Elderly man that came into our store one day with 6 Hummel Collector Plates. When this gentleman explained how he came into this collection he explained that he purchased them many years ago as strictly an "investment". He explained that he "Hated These Plates". He only purchased them and saved them for a big pay day. We asked him How much he was expecting to get paid for the plates today. He explained that if you took the cost of what he paid for them years ago and added 10% per year compounded yearly that he should be paid $20,000.00 for the 6 plates today. 

Unfortunately we had to explain to him that the plates were only worth on today's market about $20.00 each Max!  We even showed him on the computer people selling the same plates he had on eBay for less that $10.00 each. This poor guy was furious to come to the realization that he wasted the last 30 years saving items that gave him no enjoyment at all and that actually were worth less today than he purchase them for 30+ Years ago. He left our store in a huff of anger and smashed one of the plates on the sidewalk as he was leaving.

So, remember: The Main Purpose of Collecting should be for Entertainment and Enjoyment. If you enjoy collecting then weather the items increase or decrease in value should not matter. The fact should be that it was Fun to Do for the Time you were doing it.

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