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NOTE:Collectibles are like the stock market. Items go up and down all the time based on Supply and Demand.  Each quote is only Good for Only 10 Days. Also Note that Each CASH Price quote will be an Estimate based on the information you submit. It is NOT a Guarantee of CASH Pay. We are not responsible to pay based on false of misleading information provided by you the seller. If you want an accurate price quote please be as truthful and honest as possible. Do not tell us your items are in "Mint Condition" and them send us Items that are in Water damaged or Smashed Boxes and expect us to pay based on "MINT Condition" Items.

To Improve the Estimate of Your Quote we may Ask you to submit Photos of Your Items. Weather You Wish to submit them or not is up to you. However, it will increase the change of you getting paid exactly what you expect.

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