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Cash by Mail Submission Info:

When Sending in Your Comic Book Collection by Mail for Cash Please include as much of the below Information as possible so that we can get you your Cash ASAP!

Name: ______________________________

Address (you want the Check sent to):               ______________________________________
Paypal Account (if you want money sent to your Papal account):


Email Address (in case we have questions): _______________________________

Phone Number (in case we want to discuss an offer with you): __________________

About How Many Comic Books did you or are you sending? ____________________

What Years are most of them from? ___________________  (we are mostly looking for comics from the 1940s – 1979) These are the comic books that have the most value and will get you the Most CASH.

Quick Reference:
Calculate Comic Book Age with Cover Price of the Comics:
10cent comics are from 1961 and earlier
12cent comics are from 1962 – 1968
15cent comics are from 1969 – 1971
20cent comics are from 1972 – 1973
25cent comics are from 1974 – 1975
30cent comics are from 1976 – 1977
35cent comics are from 1978
Comic Books that are priced at 40cent or more are generally from the 1980s and up.
If the cover prices of the comics are over $1.50 they are from the 1990-2000s.
Please give us a rough Idea about How much you are trying to get for your collection:

*  $______________

*We want to make sure that we get as close as possible to the amount of cash you are expecting. However, we do not want you to waste your time sending us comic books if you are expecting an amount that is totally unrealistic. 

We pay a very fair price once we calculate the value. What’s more important – We do not Cherry Pick Out only your best comics. We evaluate and pay you CASH for each and every comic book you send us. Most comic book stores will only pull out your most valuable comics and pay you a low ball price. Then they make you take back all the “leftovers” that are much harder to sell.

Comic book value is based on Rarity, Age, Title, Key Issues, and Condition.  
Please Feel Free to Call with Any questions 702-981-9185

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