Las Vegas Liquidations Auctions - We Buy, Sell, and Auction
For Collectibles
We Buy, Sell, & Auction
We Make House Calls for Large Collections*
(See Below)

We Buy:
- Collectibles
- Barbie Dolls
- Porcelain Figurines
- Small Antiques
- Boxing Posters
- UFC Fight Posters
- Vintage Movie Posters
- Las Vegas Event Posters
- Historical Memorabilia
- Sports Memorabilia
- Signed Entertainment Memorabilia
- GI Joe
- Action Figures
- NASCAR Collectibles
- NHRA Cars
- Other Collectible Models and Toy Cars
- Hot Wheels
- Matchbox Cars
- Art Work
- Collector Plates
- Video Games
- Toys
- Vintage Toys
- Collectible Figurines
- Super Hero Figures
- Vintage War Posters
- Vintage Travel Posters
- Vintage Advertising Posters
- Silver US Coins
- Porcelain Dolls
- Schleich Toys and Figurines
- Vintage Cigarette Lighters
- D & D (Dungeons and Dragons) Items
- Military Games
- Enesco Figurines
- PlaySchool Toys
- Musical Instruments
- Papo Knight Figurines & Playsets
- Star Wars Items
- Comic Books
- and Much Much More...

Las Vegas Liquidation
Cash For Collectibles!
Sunset Park Plaza
2301 East Sunset Rd  Suites #8
Sunset and Eastern
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

We Will Make House Calls - However, Please read Below...

Do You Have a Very Large Collection? We buy Huge Truck Load Collections all the time. Feel free to truck your whole collection into us. We will have several people evaluate your items right away, while you wait and give you an offer to buy the entire collection with in about 15minutes or less. 

Too much to bring in ? - Try Bringing in a few boxes. Once we make a deal to purchase the items you bring in we can then set up an appointment to come to your place to buy the rest.

If you can not or Do not want to bring your items in to us 
*We Will Make House Calls: However, Before we will come out to your place we need to know exactly what you have to sell and how much you are trying to get . We will NOT come out to you if you tell us "I have a lot of stuff and I don't know how much I want."

For us to Make a House Call it Must be Worth our time and money: We are NOT interested in coming out to your place to pay you hundreds of dollars for items that you could not sell in your garage sale.

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