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Get Paid For Your Collectibles By Mail - We will even Pay Your Shipping!
NEW - We Will Even Pay to Ship the Items Back to you if you do not take our offer!* (please see rules below)

We can even Send you Your CASH By PayPal.

New Location:

Ship Your Items To Us at:
Cash for Collectibles
2010 East Pebble Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89123

When You Ship Your Items to Us We Will Evaluate your Items within 24 Hours. We we Compare their Value at Current Market Prices and Quickly Send You Out a Check in the Mail. Want Your Money Faster? Give us Your Paypal account and We Will Have the Money to You within 48 Hours.

* Return shipping Does not apply to "junk" comics. Offer Only Applies to comic books that are complete (not missing cover or pages), Marvel and DC prior to 1970 or any comics from other publishers prior to 1959. Comic books must be in fairly good condition. Does not apply to comic books that are missing cover, missing pages, severely damaged or comics that would expect to receive a grade of 4 (on the 10point scale) or below. Return shipping offer does not apply to common, modern comic books (1980s, 1990s, 2000s).  Please do not send us boxes of common comic books that sell in garage sales for $1 each. Garage sale comics, junk comics, "reader" comics that have little to no value. We still will probably buy your Garage and junk comics; However, We can not ship these comic back at our expense as the shipping costs would exceed the value of the comics. 

Cashing of the payment check constitutes acceptance of our offer. If payment is sent by Paypal, you must send the money back to us within 48hours if you intend to reject our offer. If Paypal moneys are kept after 48 hours this constitutes acceptance of our offer.

NOTE:Collectibles are like the stock market. Items go up and down all the time based on Supply and Demand.  Each quote is only Good for Only 10 Days. Also Note that Each CASH Price quote will be an Estimate based on the information you submit. It is NOT a Guarantee of CASH Pay. We are not responsible to pay based on false of misleading information provided by you the seller. If you want an accurate price quote please be as truthful and honest as possible. Do not tell us your items are in "Mint Condition" and them send us Items that are in Water damaged or Smashed Boxes and expect us to pay based on "MINT Condition" Items.

To Improve the Estimate of Your Quote we may Ask you to submit Photos of Your Items. Weather You Wish to submit them or not is up to you. However, it will increase the chance of you getting paid exactly what you expect.

Please do NOT Send us Worthless Collectibles. It Your Items are Completely Worthless we will NO LONGER Pay for the shipping Cost. Examples of worthless items we have received" TV Guide and National Geographic Magazines, Magazines in General (very few are worth anything), McDonald's FREE Happy meal Toys, Modern Common Sports Cards(1983-Present), Used, Damaged, Modern Toys, etc.

We will Ship Items Back if They are Worthless or You are Not Happy with Our CASH Price. But, this would be at YOUR Expense. If For some reason we can not Live up to Our Quote and your Items were exactly as describe we will send them back at our expense.

We Accept Packages from UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, and Even Large or Small Freight Carriers.

Ship all Your Collectibles to us by any means available to you to the Las Vegas Address Below. Make Sure that Your Put Some sort of Tracking number or Signature Required Tracking on your Shipment so that you will know when we receive it. Once we get your items we will process the collectibles ASAP and Send You Your Money in the Mail within 48 Hours.  For Quicker CASH we can Also Send you Your Money By PayPal!

Most Pawn and Specialty Shops Only Pay Your 10% for Your Collectibles. We Pay Way More!

We Calculate the Current Selling Prices for the Collectibles on Amazon and Ebay and will ship you a check for 35-50% of the Selling Price of All of the items we receive. 

Ship as Little as a box of Collectibles or as much as a 40' Truck Container Filled. We can Process any amount of Collection and Get You a Check for All Your Collectibles in the Mail within 48 Hours of receipt into our Store.

Your Collectibles are secure with us and You Will be Paid a Fair Price for All of them. Plus we will Pay You Back for Normal Standard Shipping*.

Make Sure to Include Your Contact Information in Your Shipments:  Name, Phone number(s), address to send your money to, etc. If You Have Received a Quote from us - Please include a copy of that quote when Shipping your items to us.

If You Want to Receive Your Money by Paypal Please Include Your Paypal Account Name.

You May also want to contact us by phone, email, and or by mail to let us know that your shipment is being send to us so that we can better anticipate its arrival. This is especially helpful when sending larger shipments.

Any Questions Feel Free to Call Frank at 702-981-9185 of Email us at

Mail Your Items to:
Cash For Collectibles
Frank Odeh - Purchaser
2010 E. Pebble Rd
Las Vegas, NV. 89123

We Do NOT Accept Stolen Items! All purchase are reported to local, state and federal police. If you try to sell us stolen items - You Will Get Caught!

*Your Shipping fees to send the items to us no matter if they are USPS shipping or Freight shipping will also be sent back to you along with your money for your collectibles. Only standard shipping fees will be sent. Example: if standard common USPS fees to send a large box to us from the East Coast is $100. We will send you back the $100.00. However, if you decided to ship the box Fedex over-night for $300.00 We would send you back only the $100.00 standard shipping fees. Purchase is complete once the seller cashes our check or receives the money through paypal. In the event that the seller changes their mind and does not want to sell their items it is the responsibility of the seller to arrange return shipping or pick up of their items from our location. We will Not ship items back to you at our expense if you chose not to sell your items.

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Cash By Mail for NASCAR Collection
Cash for Collectibles Pays Cash by Mail for NASCAR Collectibles
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Get CASH By Mail for Your Collectibles!
CASH For Collectibles Sends Money by Mail for Your Collectibles!
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